As studies and research studies show, several chronic ailments are found to be the result of building conditions. 

Key Benefits:


Analytical Testing: Testing for environmental bacteria and fungi, volatile organic chemicals and other irritants and toxins is conducted based upon occupant complaints and building conditions.

 Recommendations: Based upon the results of testing and visual analysis of the building, specific & least-cost recommendations are given to correct any adverse building conditions found.

 Remediation Oversight & Re-Occupancy Testing: Based upon a specific Scope of Work, Neilson Associates, Inc. will ensure that remediation is performed correctly & completely.  To provide hard data, Neilson Associates, Inc. will perform analytical testing prior to re-occupancy.

 Substantiation: Several of Neilson Associates, Inc. staff members are accepted as Expert Witnesses in legal proceedings.

Reference Accounts

Beachfront New Jersey Development Corporation: Neilson Associates, Inc. provided this Corporation's legal counsel with expert assistance in determining the cause of adverse building conditions. Recommendations to correct deficiencies and re-testing to document proper abatement were made.

Growing Eastern United States Bank:  Neilson Associates, Inc. provided analytical testing, analysis, & recommendations to correct disintegrating building conditions in several of this Corporation's branches.

Large Residential Complex Management Corporation:  Neilson Associates, Inc. provided inspections, analytical testing, recommendations and remediation oversight for several of this Corporation's buildings.

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