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 Hazardous Material Identification
The fundamental reason for undertaking an environmental audit is to determine the level of compliance with Federal, State & local environmental regulations. Phase I Environmental Assessments are designed to determine potential liability through the determination of on-site hazardous materials and hazardous waste contamination including underground storage tanks. In some cases, it is also the purpose of the Phase I Environmental Assessment to uncover other environmental impacts such as wetland areas, natural, cultural, recreational, &/or scientific values of specific significance. Entailed in thisphase of an Environmental Assessment is a 50-year Chain-of-Title review. By performing a Phase I Environmental Assessment the owner or buyer will have the needed information to adequately evaluate property value, current and potential uses of the site and potential liabilities.

Phase II Environmental Assessment

When required by circumstances or as shown through information provided by a Phase I Environmental Assessment, a Phase II Environmental Assessment (the performance of testing) is performed to gather additional data regarding site conditions and their causes.

Sources of soil & water contamination have included asbestos, petroleum products, heavy metals, radioactive rare earth compounds, volatile organic solvents & PCB's.

Phase III Assessment

Remediation of a hazardous condition can take many forms.  Neilson Associates, Inc. is the needed experience to expertly handle bioremediation through soil/groundwater removal.

Hydrocarbon Spill & Leak Investigation

Complete services are provided to determine the quality of groundwater & soil contamination & the vertical/horizontal extent of any contamination.

Regulatory Agency Contacts/Permitting

Neilson Associates, Inc. has established a working relationship with a variety of Federal & State Agencies in many states. Neilson Associates, Inc. will prepare documentation required by Federal & State Agencies, and obtain any necessary permits for soil disposal, water discharge or air emission related to a remediation project.

Underground Storage Tank Services

Neilson Associates, Inc. utilizes only certified personnel to perform UST installation, testing, removal & closure. Services include installation of complete systems, installation of Corrosion Protection Systems, Subsurface Investigation, Tank Testing, & Closure. Numerous UST projects have been performed by Neilson Associates, Inc. which have included the gambit between non-leaking USTs with no further action required to tanks which had been leaking for extended periods of time resulting in extensive remedial action programs.

Groundwater & Soil Sampling

Groundwater and soil sampling is often required as part of an investigation into a spill or leak, as part of an environmental assessment, as part of a remediation project, to meet permit parameters, or for disposal. Professional sampling services performed by our trained personnel, & including such items as appropriate decontamination procedures & documented Chain- of-Custody are provided. Only appropriate analytical procedures & approved laboratories are used.

Monitoring Well Installation

Monitoring wells are utilized either for monitoring to detect problems before they become serious, or as part of an environmental assessment or remediation project. Through our extensive experience and knowledge, Neilson Associates, Inc.:

  • Determines the best method to install the wells for the intended purpose & fitting them to the conditions at the site;
  • Specifies the design of the wells;
  • Obtains any necessary permits;
  • Supervise the drilling;
  • Obtains samples; &
  • Prepares drilling

Soil Gas Surveys

Soil gas surveys are provided as a screening tool to help define possible zones of contamination & to assist in the placement of monitoring wells.

Underground Storage Tank Closure

Acting as an Environmental Consultant & Project Manager, Neilson Associates, Inc. oversees & perform all required sampling to gain Regulatory UST Closure. Neilson Associates, Inc. has extensive experience working with removal contractors & will suggest remediation contractors experienced in this field, when requested.

Remediation Equipment Installation

Neilson Associates, Inc. will design, install & maintain various types of remediation equipment to meet site specific needs. Our own low cost equipment is also available for intrinsically safe control of groundwater pumping operations.

Soil & Groundwater Disposal

Neilson Associates, Inc. possesses the experience in sample collection and the coordination of disposal of contaminated soil from polluted sites. 

Site Monitoring

Long term monitoring of a site, including measuring liquid levels in wells, manual removal of separate phase contaminants, sampling and site maintenance is provided.

Reference Accounts

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Over the last decade, Neilson Associates, Inc. has successfully completed numerous projects for the FDIC through Task Order Agreements & regular contracts.

Department of the Army:  As a Subcontractor, Neilson Associates, Inc. is the Asbestos & Lead Hazardous Materials Consultant for a large Eastern United States Army base.

Corps of Engineers:  As a Subcontractor, Neilson Associates, Inc. is the Asbestos & Lead Hazardous Materials Consultant for a large Eastern U.S. military facility.


General Services Administration: Neilson Associates, Inc. is the GSA Contractor for Life Safety and Environmental Management Building Assessment Survey Services for the National Capital Region and formerly for Region III.

National Park Service: As a Subcontractor, Neilson Associates, Inc. is the Asbestos & Lead Hazardous Materials Consultant for a contract that covers the entire United States.

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