Neilson Associates, Inc. evaluates the occupational environment utilizing accepted and proven methodologies & equipment to determine the presence & concentration of known/unknown toxic substances.

Key Benefits


Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Surveys: Through visual and laboratory analyses by highly trained Certified Industrial Hygienists and Industrial Hygienists, assessment of the workplace is conducted to determine if adverse/noncompliant working conditions exist.  Recommendations, if indicated by study results, for the engineering &/or administrative control of exposures are provided.

Periodic inspections & monitoring, as well as the establishment & maintenance of personnel exposure records, can be developed, implemented & managed to meet the specific needs of the Client.

Medical & Audiometric Testing, Medical Records Management: Complete medical evaluations & record maintenance programs can be developed to meet the Client's needs.  Local medical or mobile-van medical facilities along with Neilson Associates, Inc.'s in-house computer capabilities are utilized to minimize lost time to the Client due to worker testing . In addition to complete medical examinations, including appropriate laboratory tests, audiometric & pulmonary function tests can be conducted at the Client's facility. If needed, biological monitoring, epidemiological and biostatistical studies are available to provide additional data on chronic exposure of personnel.

Occupational Safety & Health Program Management: Facility surveys/self-audits relative to compliance with OSHA & EPA regulations are conducted by highly trained staff members to assist the Client in meeting its regulatory obligations.  Appropriate & least costly recommendations are provided for the correction of deficiencies.  Additionally, programs & procedures to assure continued compliance are given.

Literature Searches:In association with the National Library of Medicine's Medlars Program as well as other computer-based storage archives, Neilson Associates, Inc. has direct access to large databases of information and can provide literature searches and specific data on various chemicals, their properties and biological effects.

Reference Accounts

Purdue Frederick Research Center:  Neilson Associates, Inc. developed this pharmaceutical research & development center's laboratory compliance program.

Playtex, Inc.: Neilson Associates, Inc. performed numerous industrial hygiene surveys for this international corporation.

Woodward & Lothrop:  Neilson Associates, Inc. developed comprehensive industrial hygiene programs for several of this large mercantile chain's stores.

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