Asbestos, a highly regulated naturally occurring mineral, has been extensively utilized in common building & insulation materials in schools & other buildings beginning in the early 1900's.

Residential & occupational exposure to lead-based paint is one of the leading causes of high lead in blood levels in affected individuals.  In children, excessive blood-lead levels can seriously damage a child's brain & central nervous system.  In adults, high blood-levels can cause neurological disorders and infertility.

Neilson Associates, Inc.'s staff members are certified and accredited in all areas necessary for the assessment, management & remediation oversight and sampling of Asbestos & Lead-based Paint.

Key Benefits

  • Determine if a hazard caused by asbestos or lead-based paint exists.
  • Comply with governmentally imposed hazard identification.
  • The hazard known, appropriate management options can be implemented.


Neilson Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in the following areas related specifically to Asbestos & Lead-based Paint:

Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response Act (AHERA): Staff members are accredited in the various phases of AHERA including Worker/Supervisor, Building Inspector, Management Planner, & Project Designer.

Hazard Assessment: The evaluation of the potential for release of asbestos fibers or lead into the environment and the risk of personnel exposure is the function of aHazard Assessment. This function involves the determination of the material's makeup, the material's condition, airborne fiber or lead concentration, and potential for disturbance. The assessment of the hazard potential is utilized in the formulation of an appropriate corrective or control procedure.

Control Procedures:Control procedures eliminate the potential for the release of the hazardous material into the immediate or general environment. The selection of appropriate control procedures (removal, encapsulation, and/or enclosure) is based upon an assessment of the hazard to the exposed population.

NAI has an in-depth knowledge of the various procedures and the materials required (e.g., encapsulants, etc.) to insure that the proper control method is recommended to meet the specific needs of the client.

Employee & Environmental Protection:The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor (OSHA) has established regulations relative to the protection of the general environment from contamination by asbestos and lead. These regulations govern containment of asbestos and lead at the work site and the transportation and disposal of any hazardous wastes.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), individual States and certain localities have established regulations to protect the environment & the public from the adverse exposure to asbestos & lead. NAI is intimately knowledgeable with all applicable statutory regulations and guidelines concerning asbestos exposure, assessment, renovation, demolition and disposal of asbestos-containing materials & lead-based paint.

NAI has been directly involved in the protection of the environment by designing appropriate containment facilities, monitoring of the general environment, and by assuring the proper transport and disposal of any asbestos wastes.

Training Programs: Neilson Associates, Inc. has developed numerous training programs pertaining to worker and environmental protection and materials inspection.

Persons who work on, or supervise others who work on asbestos & lead-based paint should be aware of the regulations pertaining to worker and environmental protection and how to comply with these regulations. Neilson Associates, Inc. has developed tailored programs explaining the regulations and which demonstrate proper means of compliance with special emphasis on personal protective devices (e.g., respirators, etc.). These programs are of particular value to contractors whose supervisors are responsible for employees working on hazardous materials.

Governmental Compliance:Neilson Associates, Inc. conducts its studies and remediation programs in accordance with methods recommended or approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and/or the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), with analyses being performed by associated accredited laboratories.

Reference Accounts

The John Wanamaker Building, Philadelphia, PA: Neilson Associates, Inc. was the Owner's Contractor responsible for all of the Hazardous Material identification, management & remediation for The John Wanamaker Building's recent renovation.



The Philadelphia & Chester, PA Housing AuthoritiesNeilson Associates, Inc. was the Owner's Contractor responsible for the identification, management & remediation management (Ruth Bennett Homes only) of asbestos & lead-based paint in 3 housing projects as part of their Title 9 renovations.


Fleer Corporation, Philadelphia, PA: Neilson Associates, Inc. was the Consultant responsible for the identification, management and remediation of this Corporation's prime bubblegum and sports card factory.

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